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regression with forward variable selection

This is to mimic the selection = forward in SAS. The basic step is:

  1. from all the independent vars, select the one having the highest F-value as the first input
  2. for each var in the rest vars without the selected var, together with the selected var in step 1, run linear regression. and select the var with highest F-value
  3. for the rest repeat as step 2, until reach the stop number or loop through all the variables.
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import statsmodels.formula.api as smf

df = pd.read_pickle(r'C:\Users\shm\Downloads\foreward_var_selection')
indata = df
xvar = df.columns.tolist()[12:]
yvar = 'cum_pd_num'
stopn = 5

indata: is the data for analysis, in pd.DataFrame format
yvar: dependant variable name, it is string
xvar: list of independent variables name
stopn: number of variables to stop

def importance_foreward(indata = df, yVar = yvar, xVar = xvar, stopn = stopn):

    scores = {}
    flist = []
    nx = min(len(xVar), stopn)

    while len(flist) < nx:
        best_score = -np.inf
        for i in xVar:
            newflist = flist + [i]
            f = 'cum_pd_num ~ ' + '+'.join(newflist)
            reg = smf.ols(formula = str(f), data = indata).fit()
            score = reg.fvalue
            if score > best_score:
                best_score, record_i, record_newflist = score, i, newflist
        flist = record_newflist
        print flist
        print len(xVar)

    return flist

the output is like

Where's the pic!?

which is the same as what SAS did.