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increase disk space on vmware for ubuntu

increase disk space for vmware ubuntu

Because of more data downloaded, I need to increase the vmware ubuntu disk space from 100Gb to 350Gb. This is the experience how to do it.

1. increase the disk space from vmware

-- power off the machine
-- On hard disk drive, select `Extend`
-- input the size(350Gb)

2. goes to ubuntu

2.1. `sudo fdisk -l` to check, you will see the disk is increased, but you cannot use it
2.2. `sudo fdisk /dev/sda` and then
2.2.1. input `m` to get help
2.2.2. input `n` to add new partition
2.2.3. input `p` to select primary
2.3.4. input partion number, mine is 3(so it will be sda3)
2.3.5. input start and end. use default number
2.3.5. input `w` to save and exit
2.3.6. set up file system, run `mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3`
2.3.7. mount to the dir, like `mount /dev/sda3 /home/shm/project`
2.3.7. edit /etc/fstab to let it auto mount next time when re-start, add `/dev/sda3 /home/shm/project ext4 defaults 1 2`

3. or install gparted and then do it in graphical window


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