Keep Looking, Don't Settle

2019-02-23 Week 8

Shares From Internet

  1. Handling Categorical Data in Python
    • Categorical features may have a very large number of levels, known as high cardinality, (for example, cities or URLs), where most of the levels appear in a relatively small number of instances.
    • Many machine learning models, such as regression or SVM or sklearn packages, are algebraic.
    • One popular method is embedding by Neural Network
  2. How to Build, Train, and Deploy a Machine Learning Model with Amazon SageMaker | AWS
  3. 谈谈机器学习模型的部署
  4. 图解机器学习
  5. linux screen command: How To Use Linux Screen
    1. screen -S my_screen_job_name
    2. run my python job
    3. ctrl + a, then d
    4. screen -ls
    5. screen -r my_screen_job_name
    6. ctrl + A, then :quit
  6. Kill detached screen session
  7. Github上7k+星的Pytorch教程和2w+星的tensorflow教程推荐: pytorch
  8. Github上7k+星的Pytorch教程和2w+星的tensorflow教程推荐: tensorflow alt text