Keep Looking, Don't Settle

2019-03-23 Week 12

Shares From Internet

  1. Experienced programmers, how do you learn new language?
  2. Learning multiple languages vs. mastering one
    • Python - You can do almost everything well in Python. Make lots of stuff
    • Command Line & Bash - How systems are glued together. Deploy the stuff you make.
    • GNU Regex & awk - How to find things and process text. A key building block of programming is processing text.
    • HTML5 & Javascript - The right way to make most visuals. A frontend for your stuff.
    • C - How all the above works underneath. Understand the stuff you made.
    • SQL - How to handle data in databases. Persist the stuff.
    • Haskell - Pure functional programming. Your Python and JS code will improve. Make the stuff beautiful.
  3. 有哪些书非常有利于年轻人未来发展?
  4. 理解 Word2Vec 之 Skip-Gram 模型
  5. Batch Normalization原理与实战