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2019-05-18 Week 20 -- awk

awk -F, '{OFS="\t";print $3,$4}' mo_orders_weekly_2019-04-27.txt   ==>   awk '{print $4","$5}' mo_orders_weekly_2019-04-27.txt

cat mo_orders_weekly_2019-04-27.txt | cut -d ',' -f3    ==>    cat mo_orders_weekly_2019-04-27.txt | cut  -f3-4

awk -F, '{OFS=",";print $1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6,$7,$8,$9,$10,$20,$21}' infile.csv > outfile.csv

something else to consider - and this faster and more concise:

cut -d "," -f1-10,20-25,30-33 infile.csv > outfile.csv


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